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Cobot Technology in the Entertainment Industry


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Technology has played an important role not just in other sectors of the industry but has also played a prime role in the entertainment industry. It brought the family together with the invention of television and became a part of the family. It offered something for everyone where the kids loved watching cartoons and the adults loved soap operas and more. People were now entertained right in the comfort of their house.

With technological advancement, it started to improve. It slowly replaced the small screen big box to small screen box with a color picture. The next step was cable TV, where it brought the entertainment world to their homes. Cable TV also gave the viewers an option for entertainment ranging from movies, daily soaps, music, reality shows and many more.

There is no stopping the entertainment industry as it continues to develop and add new features to its credit. Evolving from cable and satellite TV, the latest it offers to its viewers is the smart TV which can be operated through our voice as well. The TV has also merged with the internet, presenting live streaming videos like Hulu, Netflix and many more. The technology has sure not failed to surprise us and there is more to offer.

Cobots in the Entertainment industry

This may sure come as a surprise to many of us. There are lots of plans being made to implement cobots in the entertainment industry. The reasons stated to implement cobot are the non-stop work, great performance, precise and repeatable. These features make the cobots a great option in the application of the entertainment industry. The cobots have already started making their appearance in the industry such as in the entertainment arenas, camera shootings and many more. The camera-wielding cobots are known to perform great in shoots. Their performance is exactly the same as that of the great camera directors and they manage to capture the best of scenes which are mostly missed by the humans.

Image Representing The new relationship between man and Collaborative robot hand machine.

The cobots are now used as stunt doubles in the risky and dangerous scenes. They are either pre-programmed or remotely controlled to perform rolls or mid-air flips just like humans. Hence the humanoid cobots are best in the intense action scenes.

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Precision and Safety
The performances of the cobots have been near perfect which has excelled at that of the humans as well. They can perfectly capture the 360-degree rotation in one shot, which is very difficult for humans. They provide quality and repeatable actions and are fast too.

The cobots have proved to be very safe to work alongside humans. The cobots are fashioned with technology that is known as the patented technology of force-sensing. It means that the cobot stops their work immediately when they sense or encounter a human in their workspace. This makes it very safe for humans to work with a cobot.

Flexible, Lightweight and Affordable

The cobot is affordable making it ideal to use in the entertainment sector. They are fashioned to be flexible and lightweight making it easy to deploy them in all kinds of space and conditions. They are fast and easy, saving time and energy when compared to humans. All they need is programming and the work will be done in a fast and perfect way.

Image Featuring Usage Of Collaborative Robot In Television Industry - Professional Camera people With Headphones With HD Camcorder In Live Television.

Advantages of Cobots in the Entertainment Industry

  • The design of the cobot is lightweight and space-saving. They are very flexible too.
  • The set-up time and the programming of the cobot are easy and simple. It can be completed in a short duration of time. The programs can be reusable for recurrent tasks.
  • The quality of work is excellent.
  • They save time, energy and are also cost-efficient.

The cobots are not just limited in the industries, as they are available as toys too. They act as your personal entertainer and are boosted by artificial intelligence. Cobots are new trends in the entertainment world. They are available as pets or robotic toys and are completely safe for kids and adults.

It is believed that the technology is constantly improving the cobotic infrastructure and will lead to more advanced applications and features. They will very soon transcend from enabling entertainment to entertainers themselves.

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